The Bodypo

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High Performance Construction

Combining the response of a bodyboard with the speed of a paipo, the Bodypo® is a major step forward in prone board construction and performance. The patent-pending sandwich composite design creates a unique combination of stiffness and flex — while the ultra-low drag rails slice through the water with unparalleled speed.

Handmade in the USA, the Bodypo also represents a new approach to sustainable surf manufacturing. Constructed out of marine-grade, rapidly-renewable cork and Super Sap bio-epoxy, the Bodypo is an environmentally-conscious, high-performance alternative to the traditional foam bodyboard.


For DIY shapers, try the Bodypo blank, which can be shaped with standard hand tools. Here's a how-to guide.


Bodypo 600 Bodypo 1200 Bamboo Blade Carbon Fiber Blade
Core thickness 6mm (0.25") 12mm (0.50") 3mm (0.125") 3mm (0.125")
Weight Medium Maximum Minimum Minimum
6 lbs 9 lbs 4 lbs 3 lbs
Flex Medium flex Maximum stiffness Maximum flex Medium flex
Buoyancy Medium Medium Neutral Low
Bottom contour Flat Flat Concave Concave
Price $287 $339 $364 $399