El Gordo Bodysurfing Handplane

Handmade in the USA out of sustainable materials.

Get the Long Rides

This is a 17" x 10", high-performance, ultra-light cork and bamboo bodysurfing handplane made by hand in San Rafael, CA. A single concave and small rocker creates maximum lift, stability and speed through the wave, and the lightweight sandwich composite construction provides an excellent size-to-weight ratio.

This handplane is built for long, cruising rides on small to large waves. It's made to bodysurf the same kind of outside-break waves that you would surf with a surfboard. The speed and lift of the concave will allow you to get through sections that you might not otherwise clear, and the 50/50-to-hard rails will create the hold and speed you need to position yourself in each wave’s sweet spot.

Visit our blog for a breakdown of this board dimensions and to see why we think the El Gordo is the best bodysurfing handplane


Light, sandwich composite design

Full, rail-to-rail concave

Removable, replaceable, upgradeable strap

No-ding, FSC-certified, 100% natural, Portuguese cork deck and rails, bamboo bottom

Made with Super Sap 100/1000 Epoxy Resin, featuring a 50% smaller carbon footprint than traditional epoxies

Handmade near the beach in San Francisco, California, USA

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