Mini Paipo

This is a 20" x 12" mini paipo for maximizing your time in hollow shorebreak. This is a great board for surfers, bodyboarders and bodysurfers. This board will work well in any waves that you might otherwise take a handplane, tray, kickboard or mini boog. 

Soft, 50/50 rails in the front fade to boxy rails in the back. A raised, spoon-like ridge in the front of the board allows for a more comfortable grip.

Bringing Sexy Back

Upgrade your McDs tray, solidify your barrel cred, or just get ready for your next beach vacation. This board will fit in your carry-on or your car trunk, and you'll get more days. 


One- or two-handed riding
Lightweight sandwich design
Bamboo bottom, cork top
Built with 100% natural cork, bamboo and Super Sap bio-epoxy
Contoured top allows you to whomp in style

All photos taken by @808maukatomakai

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